Shard Rifle

weapon (ranged)

Based of the technology of the Shard Pistol, mixed with a little Promethean intellect and data recovered about the Antibody Fungus on Wonderland, Mab has whipped up the Shard Rifle. It fires tiny smart-flechettes at the target, utilizing a longer barrel, and equipped bi-pod mount to give it more accuracy and a longer effective range. The smart-flechettes contain reactive smart materials inside, the purpose of which is for the needle to penetrate the target, then explode, causing extensive injuries inside due to the shards of hardened projectile inside. Armor will absorb this damage, but the AV is reduced by an amount equal to half the damage. The Shard Rifle uses the Spray Weapons skill. [Moderate]

Short Range Medium Range (-10) Long Range (-20) Extreme Range (-30)
Shard Rifle 0-10 11-40 41-70 71-100

Armor Penetration Damage Value Firing Modes Ammo
Shard Rifle -10 2d10+10 SA, BF, FA 30


Shard Rifle

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