Variable Assault, Landing, Combat, Interdiction, Riot, Integrated Exoskeleton


Advanced Battlesuit design, based off high-end military models, like HOPLITE armor. Made with slightly more efficient armor and power outputs, slightly better engineered components, and all around just better built technology. The result is a system that is capable of insertion and use in multiple situations, including close-quarters (Though poor at actual indoor work, if you want the building to be standing when you’re done.), long-range, and a number of other tactical situations. The advanced armor is equipped with a suite of sensor systems, the ability to move via Thrust Vector in air or vacuum, and also special Submersible locomotion, allowing it to function underwater. The Exoskeleton has two shoulder mounted weapon hard points, which in its basic configuration is a VALKYRIE Rotary Railgun, and a VALKYRIE Seeker Pod. The Right arm also has a mounted Vibroblade, which folds under the arm when not in use. The left arm features a forearm mount for a Spray Weapon, which in the default configuration is a Torch. This armor also features anchors for attaching a Riot Shield. The system also has an advanced Support AI, designed for Fire Control, Autopilot, Remote Operation, Damage Control, and also ECM/ECCM. Other than the differences noted below, uses normal Battlesuit/Exoskeleton rules. [Expensive (50,000+)]

Passenger Capacity Handling Movement Rate Max Velocity
1 +10 8/32 30
Armor Durability Wound Threshold Death Rating
25/20 100 20 200

Features: 360 Degree Vision, Fireproofing, Guardian Nanoswarm, LIDAR, Lotus Coating, Magnetic System, Micrograv Shoes, RADAR, Refractive Glazing, Shockproof, Tactical Network Software, Vacuum Sealing, VALKYRIE AI (REF 20. Skills: Hardware: Electronics 40, Gunnery, 60, Infosec 40, Interests: VALKYRIE Specs 80, Interface 40, Research 20, Perception 40, Pilot: Walker 40 (50))
Mobility Systems: Walker, Thrust Vector, Submersible
Weapons: VALKYRIE “Unarmed” (AP – 2 DV 2d10+2)
VALKYRIE Vibroblade (AP -4 3d10+DB)
VALKYRIE Torch (AP -4 DV 3d10 SS Ammo 20) plus Smartlink
VALKYRIE Railgun (AP -14 4d10+14 SA/BF/FA Ammo 90) With AP and Zero Ammo, Gyrostablizer, Smartlink
VALKYRIE Seeker (AP -4 DV 3d10+6 SA Ammo 16) with Homing Frag Seekers, Minimissiles, Smartlink



EP: Agents of Winter UnitOmega