Arctic Morph

A precursor to the Alpiner and Ruster morphs used to colonize Mars, the Arctic Morph was designed in the early years of morph technology, to allow humans to operate in the extreme temperature conditions on Earth, mostly for research or resource gathering purposes near the poles. It also found some use with mountaineers, as in addition to cold, its lungs were modified to handle the lowest pressures observed on earth. It also features revolutionary designs in radiation shielding, to protect from the increased amount of UV radiation present when the atmosphere is thinner. After the Fall, the Arctic Morph has almost completely disappeared, except for some nostalgic souls who still owned them when they left earth. In the Transhuman community, they have been largely replaced by much better Ruster, Crasher and Alpiner morphs. To compound rarity issues, the designs for this morph were lost on Earth after the fall.

Implants: Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Cortical Stack, Anti-Glare, Grip Pads, Temperature Tolerance (Cold), Enhanced Respiration (Earth), Radiation Resistance, Hibernation, Enhanced Vision
Aptitude Max: 25
Durability: 30
Wound Threshold: 6
Advantages: + 5 SOM, + 5 to one aptitude of the players choice, Snow Form trait, + 10 Free Running
Disadvantages: Planned Obsolescence Trait
CP Cost: 45
Credit Cost: Expensive (40,000+)

Temperature Tolerance (Cold): A focused variation of the Temperature Tolerance , designed specifically for dealing with low temperatures, such as the ones found near the poles on Earth. It allows the morph to operate comfortably in -80 C to 40 C. [Low]
Enhanced Respiration (Earth): As Enhanced Respiration (Specific), allows for breathing of Earth’s atmosphere, from .3 ATM to 1.08 ATM, and holding of breath for 30 minutes. [Low]
Radiation Resistance: The morph has been hardened against higher than normal amounts of ultraviolet and other cosmic radiation, such as one might experience in an area of thinner atmosphere. The exact extent of this resistance is up to the GM, but at the very least it should probably make one immune to harm from any UV exposure while on Earth. [Moderate]

Snow Form (Morph trait): This morph has been designed or adapted to operate in heavy snow and ice conditions. The morph can move safely across ice at a normal pace without any trouble, and has a +10 to run across it, and can easily traverse snow as high as knee height. This also includes some external modifications to the morph, which means that anyone trying to spot this morph in a snowy environment takes a -10 penalty, unless they are wearing some very bright form of clothing. 10 CP

Arctic Morph

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